Dog is Trouble

I am now looking into how to deal with Romeo, who is now 13 months. He is jumping up and biting Mark when ever he sees him outside. He kills everything he touches. He fights with Jasper. I think we need some real training.

Sewing Problem

The problem is that the windows have tulle. I get the toughest tulle I can find. It doesn’t get along with the Velcro, which tears holes in it. It’s really a pain to try to put in new tulle because it has a special stitch around it. Special stitches are nearly impossible to rip out. That’s where I am at right now.


I have that. The doctor says I have to take the medicine to get better. I don’t want to take the medicine. I am hoping that all of the carrying of wood that I am doing well help. I take calcium, vitamin K, and other things to help too. Last year it got a little bit better. I am hoping for more this year.

Planted Spinach Today!

I planted spinach in the cold frame. It does well there usually. The first year I tried this I was thinking of giving up on it. On a day with snow on the ground I looked and the spinach was up! It felt so good because winter is long and painful for me sometimes.