Another Nice Hike

We did another nice hike yesterday. I am always the one who plans these hikes. My husband says that I hike too fast, so now he is always in front. He keeps a good pace even though he complains that I am too fast. We did Baker Lake this time. The only bad part was when the puppy got car sick on the way there. We went seven miles. I’m not complaining at all.

Visits increased

Etsy says “Visits increased 4440% compared to the same period last year.” Wow. I suppose that is true. Nothing much was happening for me last year. I got another 5 star review from the Kinkajou owner. We will see what Christmas brings. I am hoping to have some time to prepare when school stops.

Zoom Troubles

I have been having troubles with zoom. They made me get a school computer. It seems to not be able to authenticate who I am without it. This is a bummer because my own computer is set up to have a virtual background and the school computer cannot handle a virtual background. Now I have a folding panel that I can put behind me. Oh, the money that I put into things that never pay back.

Keepers of Things

My husband has 129 t-shirts hanging in the laundry room. I picket out 9 that I thought he could live without. He rejected my picks. I don’t know what to do about this. There must be some club for wives of husbands that want to keep everything.

Plumber Scheduled for Friday

I had trouble with plumbers not calling me back. I finally hired the one who actually came out and did an estimate. I hope it turns out well. They will need to cut a hole in the wall to see what is happening with an outside faucet. Right now we cannot turn the out side faucet off, so it needs to be fixed. Currently we take care of it with shut off valves on the hoses. This is not going to work when it’s freezing.

What will Christmas Bring

I don’t know how busy it will be for my shop at Christmas time. Last year I was just getting started and not selling much. Hopefully it will all be good and I will be able to keep up. I need to work in an extra thing here and there so that I have inventory. While waiting for the kinkajou project material to arrive I completed one of the items I sell most of.