Zoom Troubles

I have been having troubles with zoom. They made me get a school computer. It seems to not be able to authenticate who I am without it. This is a bummer because my own computer is set up to have a virtual background and the school computer cannot handle a virtual background. Now I have a folding panel that I can put behind me. Oh, the money that I put into things that never pay back.


I help to educate a girl with behavioral issues. I used to go to her house everyday of the week, before corona-virus. The school district called and said that they wish me to continue helping with her in some capacity this fall. I am dedicated to this child. She is a smart girl, but her home life is crazy.

Teaching Two Classes Today

I am being a substitute teacher at Coding with Kids. I have two online classes to teach today. They are both Level 4, where the kids learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript. They are fun classes to teach. One is all boys and the other has one girl. It’s amusing to me that even the children of today have decided that boys should do computers, not girls. It’s a sad state of things.