Oh No! I forgot to Post!

I have been busy doing nothing. I think the most important thing that has happened is that a friend of mine has a brain tumor. I got a weird message from somebody saying that their mom was in the hospital for surgery on a brain tumor. At first I didn’t even know who it was. The next day my friend called me, the day after surgery! She sounded not too bad considering. She said the tumor was fist sized. I don’t know how a tumor that big could be in your brain without your knowing it. I really hope the…

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Family Gathering!

Yesterday I went to a gathering of my husband’s family. It was my first family gathering in more than one year! It was good. My two nieces attended and it was good to see them again. They are young and vibrant, mid twenties. We brought both dogs and they did well. We took some walks and enjoyed life!

I’ve been vaccinated!

I feel like I should celebrate! My husband gets vaccinated tomorrow! He won’t be 65 until the 24th, but they said he could be a few days early. Maybe eventually we will be able to travel! I am so sick of staying home. I want to be gone for the rest of the year.


Our financial advisor does our taxes for us. This is good, however looking around for all of the stuff that he needs is almost as much work as doing the taxes myself. At least if we get audited we will have help!

Lost Diamond

The diamond out of my engagement ring fell out somewhere. We are looking for it like crazy. We were married in 1982, so a new diamond of the same size will cost a lot!


I have that. The doctor says I have to take the medicine to get better. I don’t want to take the medicine. I am hoping that all of the carrying of wood that I am doing well help. I take calcium, vitamin K, and other things to help too. Last year it got a little bit better. I am hoping for more this year.

Oh NO! I bought more stuff

The yarn I like at JoAnn was the cheapest I have ever seen it. Then I had to have $50 worth of stuff in order to get free shipping. Thread was also the cheapest I have ever seen it. I have stuff in my cart at Amazon. I hope that it can just stay there until 2/10. I try to order just once a month from Amazon. That way I must think about it for awhile. Let’s hope I have the strength to do that.

The Government Sends a Credit Card?

And as far as I can see there is no way to get your money out of this without a fee. I gave the card to my husband to spend. After all, I got the new sewing machine. I also paid $600 for a new phone after the dog killed mine. I think it’s his turn to get something. Anyway, I would have appreciated cash in the bank like last time, but money is money so why would I complain?