My birthday wish has come true!

I am so excited to have our new president selected! It is such a relief. Whenever a pass somebody without a mask I wonder if it’s a political issue. I really wish Trump had not encouraged us to do ourselves in. The case counts now are higher than ever and if we would all wear masks it would be much better for all.

Keepers of Things

My husband has 129 t-shirts hanging in the laundry room. I picket out 9 that I thought he could live without. He rejected my picks. I don’t know what to do about this. There must be some club for wives of husbands that want to keep everything.

Plumber Scheduled for Friday

I had trouble with plumbers not calling me back. I finally hired the one who actually came out and did an estimate. I hope it turns out well. They will need to cut a hole in the wall to see what is happening with an outside faucet. Right now we cannot turn the out side faucet off, so it needs to be fixed. Currently we take care of it with shut off valves on the hoses. This is not going to work when it’s freezing.

I Deleted All Users

Everybody needs to create user accounts again. I am hoping to get comments working. That way I can get input from you. It doesn’t work unless the system can send you email. I have tested this feature. I think it works now.

Corona Virus

When will it end? How will it end? I am sick of it. I think most people are. Sometimes I just want to fast forward. I want to talk to people again. I want my music back. I want to travel. Alright, I suppose I am actually just lucky to not be sick.