No hiking tomorrow

We were going to go hiking tomorrow. I had the hike all picked out. Then we thought about all of the corona-virus cases and decided not. The last times we have been hiking we passed lots of people without masks. I think it’s not worth the risk right now. The hike I had picked out can be done in the winter, so we will do it a different weekend when things are not so bad.

Another Nice Hike

We did another nice hike yesterday. I am always the one who plans these hikes. My husband says that I hike too fast, so now he is always in front. He keeps a good pace even though he complains that I am too fast. We did Baker Lake this time. The only bad part was when the puppy got car sick on the way there. We went seven miles. I’m not complaining at all.

No hiking this weekend

It’s going to rain both days. Bummer. I do have my next hike all picked out. It’s going to be by a lake close to Mt. Baker. I think it’s going to be another fantastic one! If it was just me I might go anyway. We must put up with rain because it keeps our forests green.

Nice Hike!

We went on a nice hike Saturday! It was to Upper Twin Lakes, close to Lake Wenatchee. There were lots of fall colors in the foliage. The temperature was just right. It was all good. Of course I planned this hike weeks in advance. Now I’m working on the next hike.

Really Fun Hike

Yesterday we had a good hiking trip. We did Lake Whatcomb. There were lots of people. It was fun because Romeo swam for the first time! He doesn’t like trips in the car and was hyper ventilating on the way there, but he slept on the way home.


We went on a short hike Sunday. Just 5 miles. It was Romeo’s first real hike and he did fine! There wasn’t really anything to see at the end of this hike. It was just a close by stroll in the woods. We will do something better next time.