Oh no, it’s a spoiled dog!

We have spoiled the dog by giving him toys with treats all the time to keep him quiet and happy. Unfortunately, he is not eating his food. Now I am attempting to correct the situation. Puppies present so many challenges to ones emotional strength.

Lost Dog Toys

I make up toys with treats for the puppy. He is still on rest from his injury. The toys are disappearing and we don’t know where they are going to. I ordered more toys but they won’t come until tomorrow sometime. He has already had his bone. It could be a long day.

Injured Dog, oh no!

The dog in the picture is fine, but we now have a second one of the same. He is 7 months and seems to have injured himself. He is now at the vet for observation. I hope it is easy to fix and has a short recovery time. Yea, like that would be the day.