New Project

I am making a pet carrier for two dwarf rabbits. It will be much bigger than any others I have made. So far I’ve only made one sort of major mistake. I put the window too low, so now the window starts at the bottom of the bag. I don’t have enough material to redo it. I hope it will be OK.

Donated Stuff

Today I donated lots of stuff to Goodwill. We had lots of books to get rid of. Now that I am retired I don’t need technical books. I had some clothes to git rid of. I donated all of my Etsy stuff that was not selling. It feels good to give stuff away! I am lighter now.

New Product

I just finished this. It’s supposed to be a special order, but they didn’t want to pay ahead of time. Now they get to compete with others to buy it.


Well, they recommended something that might work, but I think it’s not going to look that great because it’s too coarse. I have now purchased the recommended and two other kinds of tulle, hoping to find what I want. I am sure to be successful eventually.

Tulle troubles

I have had to add an extra layer of tulle on my pet carriers. It keeps getting caught by the Velcro and torn. In the first case I was able to sew on an extra layer. In the second case I had to glue the second layer in place because the sewing was a special stitch, nearly impossible to rip out. I hope it looks OK.