New Sewing Machine Status

Well, it actually came with a power cord even though they said it would not. Unfortunately, it did not come with a bobbin case. I had to go to the store to buy one today and it was expensive. The part I am missing now is the foot control which doesn’t come until Saturday. I am now sewing by pushing a button which I have not totally learned to control yet. It’s an adventure!

My New Sewing Machine Has Arrived!

I can’t use it yet. I purchased a display model from eBay. I had to buy all accessories, including power cord, separately. The power cord is due to arrive today. I have a feeling it’s going to be delivered to the mail box where I won’t see it until tomorrow. Hopefully I will last that long…

Fleece inside?

I have a new custom order for a pet carrier. She wants the inside to be made out of fleece. I think this is a good idea and I might carry it forward. Trouble is I have lots of material purchased, so I will need to use that up first.

Visits increased

Etsy says “Visits increased 4440% compared to the same period last year.” Wow. I suppose that is true. Nothing much was happening for me last year. I got another 5 star review from the Kinkajou owner. We will see what Christmas brings. I am hoping to have some time to prepare when school stops.

What will Christmas Bring

I don’t know how busy it will be for my shop at Christmas time. Last year I was just getting started and not selling much. Hopefully it will all be good and I will be able to keep up. I need to work in an extra thing here and there so that I have inventory. While waiting for the kinkajou project material to arrive I completed one of the items I sell most of.