Working on BIG order

One person ordered three pet carriers! Two that were in-stock and one custom. The custom one is really big. Unfortunately, I can’t ship the in-stock ones ahead of time because the postage to Germany applies to to whole thing. So far the customer has seemed really nice.

Mug Rugs

I’ve started making Mug Rugs to sell on my site. They will each feature an animal I have made a pet carrier for. So far just lizards and hedgehogs. We will see what might be next.

Back to Normal

Sewing Expo is over. I took many classes. I am thinking I can add “mug rugs” to my shop now that I know more about doing applique. I have also signed up for a class about the software that goes with my sewing machine.

Some Terrific Classes!

Some of the classes at Sewing Expo are terrific, some just so so. I have learned things I can apply to my sewing business. It’s all online with Zoom this year. I participated in person the previous two years. In person you get the long aisles of vendors to look through in your spare time. I never have too much money to shop with, so it’s fine either way. I did go through the vendors online and bought some batik fabric. That will be fun.

Lesson #1

I am doing Lesson #1 of an online machine embroidery course. So far it has been very educational and cool. There have been several firsts. My first time loading a design onto my machine using a USB stick. I have high hopes for this practice.


I am excited to be doing applique. I signed up for a class at the Sewing Expo and I hope I can be ready for it. I need to know how to download designs. I don’t know that right now. I am also taking a class at Embroidery Essentials and I hope that will bring me up to speed.

Sewing Problem

The problem is that the windows have tulle. I get the toughest tulle I can find. It doesn’t get along with the Velcro, which tears holes in it. It’s really a pain to try to put in new tulle because it has a special stitch around it. Special stitches are nearly impossible to rip out. That’s where I am at right now.