Lost Dog Toys

I make up toys with treats for the puppy. He is still on rest from his injury. The toys are disappearing and we don’t know where they are going to. I ordered more toys but they won’t come until tomorrow sometime. He has already had his bone. It could be a long day.

Teaching Two Classes Today

I am being a substitute teacher at Coding with Kids. I have two online classes to teach today. They are both Level 4, where the kids learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript. They are fun classes to teach. One is all boys and the other has one girl. It’s amusing to me that even the children of today have decided that boys should do computers, not girls. It’s a sad state of things.

Sick of Corona-virus

I play bass. It’s not so interesting playing bass by yourself. I will be glad when my music groups can meet again. One of my groups is planning to make a recording, each of us separately. The music they have chosen is kind of hard, so this gives me something to practice!

My Status

I thought about going back to work for a long time. It turns out I don’t need to. Although, I do work, just at things I like. I have a business at https://www.etsy.com/shop/suziesoft. I also teach kids as a para-educator and at Coding with Kids.