Sewing Machine Problem

I was sewing a special stitch and all of a sudden it started just stitching straight, but to the left. I pushed the end seam button and the needle started going up and down forever. I turned the machine off. Now it won’t turn on. When I turn it on I get a very small flash of light and that’s it. I checked the power and other things plugged into the outlet are working fine. I want to sew! I am working on another special project.

Sewing Room is Reality!

I now have a sewing room! I’m still settling in. It makes more room in our bedroom. We threw out lots of my daughter’s stuff. She said that if she hadn’t needed it in ten years it could be thrown out. We found lots of interesting stuff. A 65 piece set of flatware unopened, and you know I was kind of thinking about buying some new stuff. My husband kept anything with writing, sense she does write poetry sometimes, and it can be anywhere. We still have all of her art work and models from architecture school. There is still…

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I messed up

I messed up the front of the special order pet carrier. I am going to have to cut out a new piece and do it again. My new sewing machines has lots of special stitches, some work better than others. The one I used was not so good. I tried it out first and it looked good. It’s OK I found another that works well. Trouble is with cleaning up Lauren’s room going on at the same time life is busy.

New special order!

I have another special order for a pet carrier. This time I am going to make a regular sized one at the same time. My mother used to say you can make two in about the same times as one. We will see if that is true. My new rule is to never make just one.

Sewing Room?

I might get a sewing room! My daughter’s room was my sewing room before she was born. Then it became her room. She is 33 now and has been living in Colorado for 10 years. I think it’s time for me to take that room back over again. Trouble is when ever anybody had stuff with no place to go it went to her room. Now it’s a matter of going trough her stuff and our stuff and thinning it out. It’s hopeful though!

The puppy killed my phone

I was sitting in the living room relaxing and suddenly wondered what the puppy was chewing on. It was my phone. Another $500 of puppy expenses. I had a backup phone, but Verizon says it’s too old. So now I have no phone until 1/5. I don’t know if I will last. Amazon also chose this moment to insist on two way authentication. That does not work so well when you don’t have a phone, so yet another phone call to resolve that. Not my favorite day.

It’s Christmas

We have been spending Christmas at my sister’s house since 1990. It’s not happening this year. I miss it. I got my hubby Finnan Haddie. That’s his Christmas tradition. It’s a good kind of fish and I have come to like it too.

Puppy is One Year Old Today!

He fusses a lot lately. I think he wants the run of the house, but I am waiting until he quits picking up all of the socks he sees. Sometimes it’s hard to get the socks away from him. He saw his first snow yesterday! It was snowing hard so by the time we went out there was an inch on the ground. He was looking up at it saying what’s this weird stuff. Then he discovered it was edible, and he told me he would eat it all. He then attempted to eat all of the snow.