Romeo went to Obedience Training

I took Romeo to obedience training today. He did super well! I need to be more vocal with him, tell him what I want when healing. I also need to be sharper with my corrections. That way he will think that what I wants deserves immediate attention, not just a fly buzzing. We went for a long walk afterwards at a close by walking spot. Lots of people we passed thought he was a pretty dog. And so, he is.

5 Star Reviews

I got several 5 star reviews recently. One says “Absolutely beautiful! Such a unique fabric and I love the stitching on it as well. It came in no time.” Another says “Sue asked questions about our pet. She customized the carrier with quality features that only a child could appreciate. Love the carrier.” And a third says “Amazing carrier, my gecko loves it!” Sometimes I have to reread these to feel appreciated!

Sewing Business

My pet carrier business is doing well! I have had 7 orders so far this month. That’s about one every other day. I think I could keep up with one per day. I am also having one returned because I didn’t sew on the handles good enough. Lesson learned. I now doubly sew on all handles.


That’s the puppy’s new name. He was really bad today. He stole a package off the porch that contained some books my husband ordered that were no longer in print. He nearly destroyed one of them. I have been working hard with him. It’s so disappointing.


I am doing lots of subbing at Coding with Kids. Not sure why everybody needs a sub right now. They each have a different story. I am subbing every day this week and Saturday too! What I really want is my own class. Maybe it will happen if I sub lots.