Back From Stehekin

It was a great trip! I need to schedule more hotels with hiking. The bus at Stehekin was frustrating. It didn’t run often enough and was hot. Other than that, all was well. We even did some fishing!

Pet Carriers

When I get back from vacation I am going to have to get immediately into sewing pet carriers. My supply is running low. I sold too many and have been working on a quilt instead. It’s OK, I love doing the pet carriers.


I am going to Stehekin later this week. It’s a small town that you can only get to by boat or back packing. We will do hiking and fishing there. It is in the North Cascades National Park, so no dogs allowed. Oh boy! A vacation from dogs!

Oh No! I forgot to Post!

I have been busy doing nothing. I think the most important thing that has happened is that a friend of mine has a brain tumor. I got a weird message from somebody saying that their mom was in the hospital for surgery on a brain tumor. At first I didn’t even know who it was. The next day my friend called me, the day after surgery! She sounded not too bad considering. She said the tumor was fist sized. I don’t know how a tumor that big could be in your brain without your knowing it. I really hope the…

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What to do now?

My time helping to educate the kid who was behavior challenged is over. She has become a ward of the state and they are moving her to Oregon. It’s a sad thing. Her family rejected her. I could look for another teaching opportunity, which I have started to do. Part of me thinks I should just do less and be happy. It doesn’t make enough money to worry about.

Family Gathering!

Yesterday I went to a gathering of my husband’s family. It was my first family gathering in more than one year! It was good. My two nieces attended and it was good to see them again. They are young and vibrant, mid twenties. We brought both dogs and they did well. We took some walks and enjoyed life!