Oh NO! I bought more stuff

The yarn I like at JoAnn was the cheapest I have ever seen it. Then I had to have $50 worth of stuff in order to get free shipping. Thread was also the cheapest I have ever seen it. I have stuff in my cart at Amazon. I hope that it can just stay there until 2/10. I try to order just once a month from Amazon. That way I must think about it for awhile. Let’s hope I have the strength to do that.

New Feet for the Sewing Machine

I just ordered a bunch of new feet for the new sewing machine. I feel guilty about all that I order. We have packages coming every day. I keep telling myself that I will stop tomorrow. Something about sitting at home day to day leads me to ordering stuff. Somewhere there is probably an anonymous group for me to belong to.

The Government Sends a Credit Card?

And as far as I can see there is no way to get your money out of this without a fee. I gave the card to my husband to spend. After all, I got the new sewing machine. I also paid $600 for a new phone after the dog killed mine. I think it’s his turn to get something. Anyway, I would have appreciated cash in the bank like last time, but money is money so why would I complain?

Sewing Machine Problem

I was sewing a special stitch and all of a sudden it started just stitching straight, but to the left. I pushed the end seam button and the needle started going up and down forever. I turned the machine off. Now it won’t turn on. When I turn it on I get a very small flash of light and that’s it. I checked the power and other things plugged into the outlet are working fine. I want to sew! I am working on another special project.