That’s the puppy’s new name. He was really bad today. He stole a package off the porch that contained some books my husband ordered that were no longer in print. He nearly destroyed one of them. I have been working hard with him. It’s so disappointing.


I am doing lots of subbing at Coding with Kids. Not sure why everybody needs a sub right now. They each have a different story. I am subbing every day this week and Saturday too! What I really want is my own class. Maybe it will happen if I sub lots.

Sewing Education

I should be learning more about the embroidery software. It can do terrific things, like make the sewing machine embroider my favorite picture. Instead I have decided to go a different route. I found byAnnie where you can purchase kits to make bags. I think they might have some good ideas I could use for my pet carrier business. I just finished a new pet carrier with embroidery that I think is really cool. The only other one with embroidery I have made sold really fast. This is it’s picture. One thing leads to another.

Puppy still runs off with packages

I have been finding things he likes and making him retrieve them to me after I toss them. I thought it was going well. Today he got a real package off the porch and still would not allow me to have it. I then put some dog treats into the empty package and sealed it up to use for training. He played “keep away” some more. I feel like it’s a test of my intelligence. To see if I can figure out how to train this behavior out of him.

Dog Trainer not 6 Feet Away

I took Romeo to dog training yesterday. It’s more of a classic obedience training place. Anyway, the trainer did not stay 6 feet away. I shall put off training at this place until I have gotten both shots and some time after.

Working on BIG order

One person ordered three pet carriers! Two that were in-stock and one custom. The custom one is really big. Unfortunately, I can’t ship the in-stock ones ahead of time because the postage to Germany applies to to whole thing. So far the customer has seemed really nice.

I’ve been vaccinated!

I feel like I should celebrate! My husband gets vaccinated tomorrow! He won’t be 65 until the 24th, but they said he could be a few days early. Maybe eventually we will be able to travel! I am so sick of staying home. I want to be gone for the rest of the year.