Sewing Education

I should be learning more about the embroidery software. It can do terrific things, like make the sewing machine embroider my favorite picture. Instead I have decided to go a different route. I found byAnnie where you can purchase kits to make bags. I think they might have some good ideas I could use for my pet carrier business. I just finished a new pet carrier with embroidery that I think is really cool. The only other one with embroidery I have made sold really fast. This is it’s picture. One thing leads to another.

Puppy still runs off with packages

I have been finding things he likes and making him retrieve them to me after I toss them. I thought it was going well. Today he got a real package off the porch and still would not allow me to have it. I then put some dog treats into the empty package and sealed it up to use for training. He played “keep away” some more. I feel like it’s a test of my intelligence. To see if I can figure out how to train this behavior out of him.

Dog Trainer not 6 Feet Away

I took Romeo to dog training yesterday. It’s more of a classic obedience training place. Anyway, the trainer did not stay 6 feet away. I shall put off training at this place until I have gotten both shots and some time after.

Working on BIG order

One person ordered three pet carriers! Two that were in-stock and one custom. The custom one is really big. Unfortunately, I can’t ship the in-stock ones ahead of time because the postage to Germany applies to to whole thing. So far the customer has seemed really nice.

I’ve been vaccinated!

I feel like I should celebrate! My husband gets vaccinated tomorrow! He won’t be 65 until the 24th, but they said he could be a few days early. Maybe eventually we will be able to travel! I am so sick of staying home. I want to be gone for the rest of the year.


Our financial advisor does our taxes for us. This is good, however looking around for all of the stuff that he needs is almost as much work as doing the taxes myself. At least if we get audited we will have help!

Mug Rugs

I’ve started making Mug Rugs to sell on my site. They will each feature an animal I have made a pet carrier for. So far just lizards and hedgehogs. We will see what might be next.