I have that. The doctor says I have to take the medicine to get better. I don’t want to take the medicine. I am hoping that all of the carrying of wood that I am doing well help. I take calcium, vitamin K, and other things to help too. Last year it got a little bit better. I am hoping for more this year.

Planted Spinach Today!

I planted spinach in the cold frame. It does well there usually. The first year I tried this I was thinking of giving up on it. On a day with snow on the ground I looked and the spinach was up! It felt so good because winter is long and painful for me sometimes.

Oh NO! I bought more stuff

The yarn I like at JoAnn was the cheapest I have ever seen it. Then I had to have $50 worth of stuff in order to get free shipping. Thread was also the cheapest I have ever seen it. I have stuff in my cart at Amazon. I hope that it can just stay there until 2/10. I try to order just once a month from Amazon. That way I must think about it for awhile. Let’s hope I have the strength to do that.

New Feet for the Sewing Machine

I just ordered a bunch of new feet for the new sewing machine. I feel guilty about all that I order. We have packages coming every day. I keep telling myself that I will stop tomorrow. Something about sitting at home day to day leads me to ordering stuff. Somewhere there is probably an anonymous group for me to belong to.