New Sewing Machine Status

Well, it actually came with a power cord even though they said it would not. Unfortunately, it did not come with a bobbin case. I had to go to the store to buy one today and it was expensive. The part I am missing now is the foot control which doesn’t come until Saturday. I am now sewing by pushing a button which I have not totally learned to control yet. It’s an adventure!

My New Sewing Machine Has Arrived!

I can’t use it yet. I purchased a display model from eBay. I had to buy all accessories, including power cord, separately. The power cord is due to arrive today. I have a feeling it’s going to be delivered to the mail box where I won’t see it until tomorrow. Hopefully I will last that long…

No hiking tomorrow

We were going to go hiking tomorrow. I had the hike all picked out. Then we thought about all of the corona-virus cases and decided not. The last times we have been hiking we passed lots of people without masks. I think it’s not worth the risk right now. The hike I had picked out can be done in the winter, so we will do it a different weekend when things are not so bad.

Fleece inside?

I have a new custom order for a pet carrier. She wants the inside to be made out of fleece. I think this is a good idea and I might carry it forward. Trouble is I have lots of material purchased, so I will need to use that up first.

My birthday wish has come true!

I am so excited to have our new president selected! It is such a relief. Whenever a pass somebody without a mask I wonder if it’s a political issue. I really wish Trump had not encouraged us to do ourselves in. The case counts now are higher than ever and if we would all wear masks it would be much better for all.