We went on a short hike Sunday. Just 5 miles. It was Romeo’s first real hike and he did fine! There wasn’t really anything to see at the end of this hike. It was just a close by stroll in the woods. We will do something better next time.

What’s Good about Corona-Virus?

It has made me slow down. I don’t have as much going on these days. It’s sad, but it is also kind of good in a odd way. I’m not rushing around as much as usual. I am tremendously happy about small things, like the day I visited a friend. I will also be ever so glad when this is over. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones or who have been tremendously sick.

Not What it Should Be

My retirement has not been what it should be. Corona-virus makes it hard to travel. My music groups are not getting together. My hubby thinks that maybe we can go hiking this weekend. That would be really appreciated! I am sick of staying home.

Tulle troubles

I have had to add an extra layer of tulle on my pet carriers. It keeps getting caught by the Velcro and torn. In the first case I was able to sew on an extra layer. In the second case I had to glue the second layer in place because the sewing was a special stitch, nearly impossible to rip out. I hope it looks OK.


I help to educate a girl with behavioral issues. I used to go to her house everyday of the week, before corona-virus. The school district called and said that they wish me to continue helping with her in some capacity this fall. I am dedicated to this child. She is a smart girl, but her home life is crazy.

Oh no, it’s a spoiled dog!

We have spoiled the dog by giving him toys with treats all the time to keep him quiet and happy. Unfortunately, he is not eating his food. Now I am attempting to correct the situation. Puppies present so many challenges to ones emotional strength.